A great place for pet waste
Did you know that all pet waste can be composted through your green organics bin?

You may say “ewww” to pet poo, however processing at a commercial composting facility such as Jeffries, removes all the nasties. When mixed with food scraps, garden clippings and other organic materials it makes nutrient rich compost, or black gold!

We suggest wrapping pet waste in newspaper or collecting it in a compostable bag before placing it in your green bin. This will help to keep your bin clean and prevent unpleasant smells.  Please don’t use plastic or biodegradable bags as these will cause contamination problems.  Click hereto find out the difference between compostable, biodegradable and plastic bags.

Don’t let kitty litter cause a CAT-astrophe though!

compostable certification symbolOnly kitty litter that is made from 100% paper or sawdust and/or certified as compostable with the Australian Standard AS 4736 with this symbol, can go in the green bin.


If the kitty litter is made from stone, clay or crystals/silica, it must be placed into the general waste/landfill bin (blue or red lid) and not in the green bin.