ALL food can go in the green bin

Which bin? Food scraps including citrus, onion, dairy, meat, bones, fish, fruit and vegetable scraps can all be composted through your green bin.

Did you know around 40% of what is wasted in general waste bins is food food and other compostable items such as paper towel and tissues?

When food waste is sent to landfill it rots and releases methane, a harmful greenhouse gas with 21 times the global warming potential of carbon. It also wastes the water, fuel and resources required to create, transport and store the food.

The good news: You can help by using a kitchen caddy system you can divert your food scraps from landfill. Food and other compostable items can be collected in the kitchen caddy then placed into the green lidded bin. Once collected the materials are taken to a commercial composting facility such as Jeffries where they will be processed and made into valuable compost.

Avoid, Reduce and Reuse:
Avoid and reduce food waste by planning meals before shopping and preparing smaller portions. Left overs can be stored in re-usable containers and eaten for lunch or dinner the following day. This will also save you money from buying lunch every day.

Check out the Food Wise recipe finder to find creative ways of using up the last few items in your fridge, before you head out to the shops. Avoid food shopping when you are hungry as you are likely to purchase more than you need.

Compost your own food scraps by using a compost bin, worm farm or bokashi bin.

Grow your own fruit and vegetables and use the compost to fertilise the soil.

Give your excess home grown produce to your family, friends or neighbours or swap it at food swap events.