Empty & rinse, then recycle

Please keep your recycling clean, dirty recyclables may end up in waste!

It is unfortunately still quite common to find containers with food or liquid in them, thrown into the recycle bin. Food and liquids cause a mess and can contaminate a whole load of recyclable items, which may mean they end up in landfill.

To ensure that your recyclables are recycled, please make sure that they are empty before placing them in the recycling bin.  Remove the lid and empty out any unwanted food in the green lidded food and garden organics (FOGO) bin.  This can include milk, yoghurt, sauce and spreads in most council areas (all East Waste’s Member Councils accept all food materials) check with your local council.

Giving them a quick rinse will also help. This can be done using your left-over dish washing water. You may also consider placing them into your water efficient dishwasher. Another option is to give your yoghurt tub or peanut butter jar to your pet dog or cat to lick out as a treat…they will love it, and it saves any water being used.

Plastic lids from milk, juice and soft drink bottles can be collected inside of a clear plastic bottle along with other small plastic items such as cutlery, straws and bread tags. Other plastic lids from butter, margarine, yogurt and ice-cream tubs can also be placed inside. Push the small lids through the top opening of the bottle or make a slit down the side of the bottle to make it easier to place larger plastic items in. Once the bottle is full, place it in your recycling bin.

Steel metal lids from cans and jars can be placed inside of a steel can. Once the can is full, squeeze the can together at the top to prevent the lids from falling out. Then place it in your recycling bin.

Aluminium screw-top lids from wine bottles can be gathered with aluminium foil, so that they bind together into a ball around the size of a tennis ball, then placed in the recycling bin.