It's Valentine's Day, so why waste it?

Less Waste, More Love 

Why waste it? This Valentines Day express your love and admiration with less stuff and more caring gestures and thoughtful words.


AVOID Bubble

  1. 1. AVOID

    ♥ avoid buying gifts that are likely to end up in landfill. eg heart shaped balloons.Sometimes when we give gifts we inadvertently give packaging and other materials that create waste.

    ♥ avoid purchasing printed cards and send an e-card instead.

    ♥ avoid food waste: If you are cooking a special meal, plan your meal to reduce waste. Start by making a list of food you have, then write a shopping list of things you need and plan to use left-overs.

    ♥ avoid cellophane by asking your florist to package flowers in paper instead.



  1. 2. REDUCE
    Reduce the amount of stuff you buy and gift and create less waste.

    ♥ take a container to bring home leftovers if you go out for dinner, or picnic at the beach or park, and take home your own containers, reusable plates and utensils.


RE-USE Bubble

  1. 3. REUSE 

♥ if you are preparing a picnic or romantic dinner use reusable containers, plates, cups and cutlery.

choose flowers that last – opt for giving a potted plant or flowers that can be planted in the garden.


Which Bin Recycle Tips

  1. 4. RECYCLE 
    ♥ get creative and make your own card and wrapping using photos, recycled card and paper. Remember to recycle your cards and wrapping too.

    ♥ recycle chocolate boxes and moulded plastic trays by placing them separately in the recycle bin.


Which Bin Compost Tips

  1. 5. COMPOST

compostable certification symbol♥ once Valentine’s Day flowers are drooping or dead, dont bin the blooms – compost them instead in your green lidded bin.