No garden hoses, irrigation pipe or garden tools please

Only compostable, organic garden materials and food should be placed in the green lidded food and garden organics/FOGO bin.

Anything that is not compostable eg plastics, metals and ceramics contaminate the organic materials that can be turned into compost. Garden hoses and irrigation pipe can get caught in the machinery used to process and create compost. Garden tools such as secateurs, spades, rakes and hoes can also damage machinery.

Which bin? Old garden tools, hoses and irrigation pipe can be placed in the waste to landfill bin. You may consider chopping up the hose or irrigation pipe first, to make it easier to dispose of.

Avoid, Reduce and Re-use
Avoid the need to regularly dispose of your garden tools by purchasing good quality items and ensure they are cleaned and stored away in a dry place (ie garden shed) between each use.

You can reduce the need to purchase your own tools by borrowing them from neighbours, family or friends. Be sure to return them clean and in good condition. If you have a good set of tools, you may consider loaning them to others (so long as they can be trusted to look after and return them).