Remember to recycle it! Most gift, drink and food packaging can be recycled.

Which Bin Recycle Tips

Please recycle in your yellow lidded recycling bin:

Please ensure recyclables are empty and clean before placing them in the recycle bin.

  • Christmas wrapping (paper only – no cellophane or plastic wrapping please! If you can’t rip it, you can’t recycle it in the yellow recycle bin. Cellophane can be recycled in the REDCycle bins found at Coles and Woolworths though)
  • cards
  • cardboard boxes (crush them down to make more room in the bin)
  • bottles and jars (plastic and glass)
  • cans
  • tins
  • milk, juice and custard cartons
  • foil trays (give then a quick clean first)
  • foil wrappers (scrunched into a fist sized ball)

Remember you can take your 10 cent deposit cans and bottles to a recycling depot and get some extra cash to spend in the holidays.

Click here for a full list of what you can recycle.