Spring Clean

Spring Clean

Spring time is a great time to declutter and clean up. Here are five easy steps to decluttering and cleaning up your shed, yard and home this Spring, ready for the holiday season.

Step 1: Donate or sell reusable items.  Some free listing options are listed below.

Step 2. Repair and restore before you replace it. There are some great ‘how to’ videos online with instructions on how to DIY fix-it. Alternatively, a local workshop or ‘Men’s shed‘ may also be able to help.

Step 3. Recycle it:  Take your electronic waste and metal items to a recycling centre.

Find out your nearest electronic waste drop-off location at ‘Recycling Near You’ 

Find where you can ‘Unplug and Drop’ through Electronic Recycling Australia

Click here to find your local scrap metal recycling centre.

Step 4. Clean out the fridge, freezer and pantry; Set yourself a challenge not to buy any food for a week…or even longer and eat up the food you already have in your fridge, freezer and pantry.  This will save waste and also money! To help with this challenge utilise the recipes on the FoodWise website where you can type in the ingredients you have, and find recipes for them.

If there is food that has expired, then compost it in your compost bin, worm farm or green bin.

Also compost and mulch your garden waste or place it in the green bin. Larger logs and amounts of garden waste can be taken to your local green waste or transfer station.

Step 5. Book a hard waste collection. For anything that cannot be salvaged, sold, recycled or composted.  Click here to book a free hard waste collection with East Waste (available to residents in East Waste Council areas only)